Why DMV Clinic

Best Auto Repair, Best Auto Shop,
Best Repair Shop In Santa Cruz

“We Thank Our Many Loyal Clients For Your Patronage Of DMV Clinic”

DMV Clinic has won more than 50 combined awards for automotive excellence, thanks to readers voting them best in both Good Times and Santa Cruz Weekly. Owner Nathan appreciates the community acknowledging DMV Clinic providing quality work and helpful
service since 1976. Nathan says, “I think because we’re honest is one reason we’ve won so
many awards. We don’t take advantage of people; we explain what we’re doing and show worn
parts. The community trusts us. That means a lot to us.”

We Get Letters…

“I moved to San Jose, but can’t find a place as good as DMV Clinic; I’m back with DMV!”

— K.W., San Jose

“They take the time to explain things. They have saved me many dollars over the years in unneeded repairs, which other shops said I needed. I am grateful.”

— T.M., Santa Cruz

“I found the technicians to be fast and efficient. The actual bill was less than the projected price! These folks are honest”

— J.A., Santa Cruz

“At DMV Clinic, they take the time to fully explain any questions I have. I trust them as I do my family physician.”

— L.A., Santa Cruz

“Incredible service! Came in, asked about a ‘clunk’ and a U-joint was fixed within an hour!

— M.S.M., Watsonville

Our Customer Service Makes Your
Auto Experiences As Easy As Possible

Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville

Customers appreciate DMV Clinic’s straightforward approach to assessing their vehicles, i.e., no sales tactics. If your vehicle needs a transmission fluid flush, an oil and filter change, radiator service, a coolant flush, a powering steering fluid service, a water pump, or a fuel pump replacement, you’ll be informed.Technicians perform visual and complimentary 30-point inspections to all vehicles they service or repair ― you don’t want to become stranded down the road!

Along with this complimentary inspection, they’ll also polish your car’s headlights and add air to the tires if needed.If your auto has bad brakes, leaking brake fluid, or other critical critical concerns, these are safety issues where you should leave your car for immediate repair. These and other repairs will always be prioritized ― what is most critical now ― so you can depart DMV Clinic Santa Cruz feeling good knowing that your vehicle is safe.

Nice People Taking Care Of You & Your
Vehicle In A Relaxed Environment

Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville

No loud, blaring music. Service advisors and technicians efficiently going about their everyday business. DMV Clinic evokes a comfortable environment which relieves customers worried about unnecessary expenses. Owner Nate sets the shop’s tone ― he’s about as calm as one can be and says.

“We’re lucky with our family of employees; they like their jobs and they’re good at what they do. There are no big egos amongst the technicians ― Russell, Patrick, Cirilo, and myself. We look out for each other: if someone needs help with a tough job, we’ll all pitch in.” Generally, customer interactions are handled by owner/technician Nathan and his sister, Colleen, the service advisor. Both and are polite and professional, and will do what they can to make your auto repair experiences as pleasant as is possible.

Technician Russell replacing
a fuel pump.

Technician Patrick performing
a visual inspection.

Customer Service Guru Jack Sparks
always has a good time with the clientel.