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You Don’t Have To Go To The Dealer For Manufacturer
Recommended Services To Keep Your Vehicle’s Warranty Valid

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TThe Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 ensures that consumers can take their auto to any qualified independent service repair shop for their vehicle’s new-car warranty services: 3K, 7.5K, 15K, 30K, 60K, 90K, 120K, and up. Nate says, “You’ll get the same or superior work at our shop. We have all the necessary tools and software… plus our technicians are committed to learn and don’t work flat rate, which means they can take the time to properly fix or repair things right.”

DMV Clinic uses OEM (original equipment manufactured) replacement parts, as do dealers. What you won’t get from dealerships are DMV Clinic’s more personal and informative customer interactions. Come on down!

DMV Clinic Does The “Heavy Lifting”… Engine & Transmission Replacement,
Timing Belt Repair, Car Computer Repair & Complete Exhaust System Repairs

Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville

DMV Clinic provides much more than tune-ups, brake service, and oil and lube services. Has your vehicle’s engine or automatic transmission died? Would you prefer having it repaired instead of buying a new or used car? If so, DMV Clinic offers quality solutions with top-end engine and transmission replacements. DMV technicians do a lot of fabrication ― rare in Santa Cruz ― as needed for cracked, broken and unavailable parts, reinforcing brackets, and suspension components.

Older 240Z frames are unibodies, and over time they tend to crack as they flex in the middle.”We’ll strengthen the frame,” says Nate, “for a stiffer ride, and they’ll handle better than ever.” Using the shop’s pipe-bending equipment,technicians have repaired ― instead of replacing ― countless muffler and exhaust systems.

DMV Clinic’s Approach To Auto Care, SUVs, Diesel Cars,
Brake Service, Truck Service Repair, Electrical Computer Diagnostics

Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville

Not all automotive facilities care to perform automotive diagnostics and repairs as a proper diagnosis is hardly cookie-cutter. Some shops, that have not kept up with new technologies simply “throw parts” at the car (guesswork approach), hoping they’ve solved the issue.

Driveability problems, misfires, intermittent issues, engine or transmission problems, and check engine light on are just some of the issues DMV Clinic Santa technicians deal with and solve on a daily basis.”I don’t know how shops that shy away from diagnostics can stay in business in Santa Cruz,” says Nate. “We’re good at solving complicated problems, and we’re not afraid of a good challenge.”

DMV Clinic To The Rescue!
Repairing The Air Conditioning Compressor Vs. Replacing It

Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Watsonville

As previously mentioned, DMC Clinic technicians will attempt to repair parts, when possible and when it makes sense, dollar-wise. Case in point: A customer had approached the shop inquiring if it was possible to repair his vehicle’s air conditioning compressor, rather than replacing it. Another Santa Cruz shop had advised replacing the compressor after witnessing the refrigerant leaking. The cost of a rebuilt compressor was around $550, not including labor. Nathan performed a more comprehensive inspection than what the first shop had done.

He determined that it was possible that replacing the system’s O-rings might just do the trick. After replacing the O-rings, Nathan again inspected the system. The refrigerant was not leaking but the air conditioning fan was not working. After he repaired the fan issue and again tested the system, the end result was a soundly running compressor and one happy customer. And why not? DMV Clinic’s final invoice was about one-third of what shop
number one would have charged for replacing the compressor.

Complete Auto Repair & Comprehensive Services
Provided At DMV Clinic In Santa Cruz

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Automotive Engine Repair Replacement, Diesel Service Repair, Diesel Engine Truck Repair Service, Steering and Suspension Service, Power Steering, Exhaust System, Transmission Service Repair Replacement, Cooling System Service, Replace Water Pump, Radiator, Air Intake Cleaning, Air Filter Changing, No-Start Diagnostics, Driveability Diagnostics, Differential & Transfer Case (4WD) Service, Belt, Hoses and Wiper Blade Replacement, Timing Belt or Chain Replacement, Electrical, Wiring Electronics, Electrical Wiring Problems, Battery Replacement Service, Anti-Lock Brake Service Diagnostics, Computer Diagnostics, Check Engine Light, Air Bag Light, Interior & Exterior Lighting Replacement, Regular Maintenance, Tune-Ups, Fuel Filter, Clutch Adjustment, Repair Replace Clutch, Oil, Lube Filter Service, Factory Scheduled Maintenance 3K, 7.5K, 30K, 60K, 90K, 120K, Fuel Injection Cleaning Service, Preventive Maintenance, Fluid Flushes, Heating Service, Air Conditioning Service Repair, Brake Service, Brake Repairs

Technician Russell diagnosing a
check engine light on issue.

Technician Patrick performing a brake
to a Ferrari as as part of its 60K service.

Owner/technician Nathan tuning
the fuel system of that same Ferrari.